The case for China: Catalysts and risks

04 September 2023 • 10 mins listen
Over the past few years, even the most ardent China bulls have had their conviction dented by the economic and market impact from China’s strict Covid-19 measures, geopolitical risks, domestic regulatory uncertainties that struck the real estate, internet platform, education and most recently healthcare sectors. The ailing real estate sector and credit defaults by high-profile Chinese developers eroded confidence in China credit.

Lately, investors now question if China’s post-pandemic recovery has lost momentum amid deflationary signs. The bond market has also been hit as renewed credit events linked to a large Chinese developer and a major trust company re-ignited fear of contagion from the property sector to financial markets.

Tune in to our latest podcast with Jean Chia, Chief Investment Officer at Bank of Singapore as she explores the key reasons for investing in China; what’s holding investors back and what could change in the coming months?

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