Revisiting Japan

23 August 2023 • 11 mins listen
Revisiting Japan
Bank of Singapore Unplugged, a forum where our specialists will be answering tomorrow’s investment questions today.

For many years now, global investors have been focusing on US, Europe and China for opportunities, and understandably so, given the depth of these markets and attractive growth prospects across various sectors in those regions.

However, there appears to be significant attention on Japan, and this is pretty apparent when we see the returns registered by the Topix or Nikkei.

What’s getting investors excited in Japan? And is this a start of a longer-term trend, or are the recent gains just a flash in the pan?

In our latest episode of Bank of Singapore Unplugged, join our specialists as they explore the outlook for Japan and the opportunities which lie ahead..



  • Chan Wai Mei, Senior Research Analyst, Fixed Income Research Team
  • Adrian Yang, Research Analyst, Equity Research Team
  • Moderated by Joseph Ng, Investment Strategist
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