Alert on a fraudulent website

Singapore/ Hong Kong, 18 June 2020

Bank of Singapore would like to alert its clients and members of the public that it has found a fraudulent website:

• hxxps://aarm-tniad[.]mil[.]id/sts-login/?client-request-id=Z2FyeS5sZXVuZ0BiYW5rb2ZzaW5nYXBvcmUuY29t#bankofsingapore[.]com?_task=review_held_messages

These websites have no connection with Bank of Singapore. 

We have reported the matter to the relevant regulators and the Police.

If clients are concerned that they may have disclosed their personal information, they should immediately contact Bank of Singapore at (65) 6559 8000 (Singapore), (852) 2846 3980 (Hong Kong SAR), (63) 2 8479 8988 (Philippines), (971) 4 427 7100 (Dubai) or (352) 28 57 32 2000 (Luxembourg).

Media contacts:
Ow Yong Weng Leong
Managing Director
Group Brand & Communications
Goh Yi Lin
Assistant Vice President
Group Brand & Communications