Rise of generative Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) depictions of human-like intelligence have long been the realm of science fiction, but AI in reality is emerging to be a foundational technology that could transform every facet of human society. While AI chatbots have been around for a while, OpenAI’s demonstration of ChatGPT’s generative capabilities to create new content has facilitated great public interest in deeper and wider use cases for generative AI.

This breakthrough could catalyse progress and change across industries. Utilising machine learning, AI parses through and analyses large datasets; generative AI goes a step further to create what appears to be original content, derived from the dataset they are trained on. This creates the opportunity to automate mundane, repetitive and less value-added parts of even white collar work, allowing humans to focus on delivering deeper insights and analysis.

As AI technology permeates through the economy, businesses that lag in AI adoption are likely to face increased risks of becoming less competitive. This interactive publication illustrates how generative AI works and the major sectors that would benefit from its adoption.


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