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Global Outlook 2019

Explore opportunities in a shifting landscape in our Global Outlook luncheon conference.  This conference brings together the thought leaders and topical experts as they share their insights on the trends of the world.

We anticipate that the market will venture deeper into the mature stages of the global economic cycle, especially for the US, which is more advanced in the cycle as compared to Europe, Japan and Emerging Markets. Against this backdrop, we face the prospect of larger moves in inflation and policy, as well as the risks of inflection points in earnings and economic growth.

How do we invest as growth moderates and central banks continue to gradually normalise monetary policy? Just as quantitative easing was hugely supportive of asset prices, the reverse of this dynamic will become increasingly true ahead.

Let our line-up of speakers share insights of the macro outlook and future, and also address the issues at hand, to provide relevant strategies as we steer into 2019.

Event date:
14 January 2019

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