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Broadening Perspectives

Broadening Perspectives

As we head towards the half year mark of 2023, it is timely to re-assess the investment landscape going forward. Whilst moderating inflation and peaking interest rates may be within most investors’ expectations, there were unexpected stresses in the banking sector including regional U.S. banks such as Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank and global banks including the takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS. Many investors also remain puzzled by the resilience of equity markets as we head into a likely recession.

At Bank of Singapore, we recognise these challenges and continue to adopt a diversified portfolio positioning for investors. Whether you are an investor seeking more income, higher growth, or greater portfolio resilience, it is vital to stay informed and updated of market movements to attain better portfolio outcomes, particularly in such market climate.

With that, we are pleased to present 'Broadening Perspectives' – a conference curated for investors like yourselves to glean more perspectives from leading global fund managers on market opportunities and strategies to navigate market volatility. There will also be many opportunities for you to engage and interact with our partnering fund managers at the event to uncover insights on the market movements ahead.

Event date:
23 May 2023

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