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Sixty minutes with a visionary leader who’s grounded and authentic

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At Bank of Singapore, we seek to bring Perspectives That Matter to our clients.

Our series of exclusively curated events and initiatives are brought in to bring value to our clients’ lives. Here, our clients have privileged access to the minds of world-renowned experts, and the best global insights from Industry captains, Nobel Prize Winners, diplomats and subject authorities as they bring fresh perspectives on global economy, investments, technology and leadership.

We are honoured to add yet another illustrious name to this series - the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. A renowned statesman, world leader and inspirational keynote speaker, President Obama took centre stage at our exclusive event to one thousand of our top clients and guests at the Shangri-La Hotel, on 19 March 2018. He shared his thoughts on a wide range of issues from climate change, foreign policy and free trade to his vision for the next generation as well as his personal journey of hope.

Train the next generation of leaders was a call President Obama stressed on. Perpetuate the core values and serve with authenticity in order to be able to effect changes that will benefit others.

Among our guests was Mr. Delane Lim, a young adult who had been an inspiration to many. Some years ago, Delane tried to end his life after facing a series of setbacks. Ultimately, he overcame the challenges. He was then resolute to help train students to spot signs of depression amongst their peers. He started the Character and Leadership Academy where he conducted training to develop areas of potential and leadership skills in his students.

Today, Delane continues to motivate as he strives to provide meaningful jobs for many.

Bank of Singapore's CEO Bahren Shaari said, "It's an honour for Bank of Singapore to receive a guest as distinguished and accomplished as the Honourable President Barack Obama … to hear from the man who blazed the presidential campaign trail with the battle-cry, Yes! We Can! And who over two terms in office showed that he indeed could. And would. And did … (to hear) his ambitious ideas for America and the world, and what his vision of the future is.”

CEO Bahren Shaari, shared his reflections of the event, “My top eight takeaways from President Obama”. You can read the article here .

This event is part of our Perspectives That Matter series and the former US leader follows the line-up of distinguished speakers at our previous events like Nobel Laureates Joseph Stiglitz, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Paul Krugman and World Renowned Futurist, Michio Kaku

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