Climate change poses one of the greatest existential threats of our time.  It is clear that we can no longer ignore the risks it brings to individuals, businesses and governments.

This publication, the second of a series between Bank of Singapore and EY, aims to raise awareness on climate change issues and offer a financial view of this important topic through the lens of Investors, Business Owners and Philanthropists.

The report offers you insights into

  • The key climate-related concerns that matter to your customers, investors and regulators
  • Ways that businesses can adapt to changing expectations
  • Best practices and standards in climate-related financial disclosures and targets

The report allows you to know more about

  • The social impact of climate change
  • The role of philanthropy in the fight against climate change
  • Metrics to aid better informed philanthropic donations

The report helps you understand

  • Climate change risks and opportunities that matter to climate investments
  • How you can integrate climate change into your investment approach
  • How regulations will shape the future of climate investments

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