As the fight against climate change intensifies, carbon markets are playing an increasingly fundamental role in helping companies — and the world — achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions.

The trading of carbon credits can help influence business decisions and actions to decarbonize. This enables corporates to meet ambitious climate goals, thereby, accelerating the transition to a lower-carbon future.

This publication, the third of a series between Bank of Singapore and EY, discusses how carbon markets can help in the global effort to address climate change through the lens of Business Owners, Investors and Philanthropists.

Carbon credits in businesses

  • How carbon offsets can provide a viable alternative to meeting emissions reduction targets
  • Importance of assessing a carbon credit’s quality
  • Carbon tax and its implications on businesses

Carbon credits offer investment opportunities

  • Learn about the different types of investments
  • Understand the opportunities and risks that matter
  • Integrate carbon credit markets into your investment approach

The role of philanthropy in accelerating decarbonisation

  • Targeted giving in carbon credit-generating projects
  • Examples of climate-related philanthropy efforts across the globe
  • Case study of a donor-advised fund in Singapore

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