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In Conversation With: The Right Honourable Dame Jacinda Ardern

Bank of Singapore welcomed former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Singapore in November.

In this closed-door event, the Right Honourable Dame Jacinda Ardern shared her views on leadership, environmental sustainability, gender equality, youth engagement, and education.

Ms. Ardern rose to power as New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister in 2017 at just 37, during which time her charisma, compassion, and decisiveness made her the standard bearer for a more empathetic model of leadership, cementing her reputation as an icon for progressive politics and a champion for women in public life.

Since leaving politics, Ms. Ardern has taken on the role of being Harvard University’s first-ever leader in online extremism, a move that not only exemplifies her dedication to fighting online hate and radicalisation but also highlights the importance of such partnerships between academic institutions and policymakers in helping to tackle and drive progress on some of society’s most pressing issues.

As Asia’s global private bank, Bank of Singapore is committed to bringing the world to our clients, one perspective at a time.

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Event date:
08 November 2023

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