Empower your family for generations to come

Future-proof your family legacy with expert guidance on how to set up a family office, and maintain and grow your generational wealth sustainably to create a lasting impact.
Drawing on our experience in planning for some of Asia’s wealthiest families, our team of specialists is ready to provide you with all-round wealth management and succession planning services to meet your unique needs and goals.
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Family office advisory and governance

Our advisory specialists can guide you on the various aspects of setting up a family office, including helping you develop a family office structure, to address your wealth and family needs.

Philanthropy support

We can help align your family values and wealth purposes with your philanthropic aspirations through charitable giving and working with philanthropic advisors and organisations. Disclaimer about our philanthropy support.

Insurance premium financing

Our insurance premium financing solutions are available to our clients for single premium and fully paid-up insurance policies.

Liquidity and risk management

We help you plan for the future to protect and preserve your family’s wealth, and hedge against unexpected life events.

Marketable securities financing

Our marketable securities financing solutions help you fund new investment opportunities and maintain or enhance portfolio diversification.

Real estate financing

Our real estate financing solutions are available for new property purchases, property refinancing and equity release on unencumbered properties across different locations.
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Our services are dedicated to clients with over USD 5 million in investable assets.

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